Ghana-UNDP Climate Activities

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Ghana (17)

  1. Climate Change Adaptation Programme
  2. Climate Change and Development - Adapting by Reducing Vulnerability (CCDARE)
  3. Enhancing Access to Sustainable Energy Services
  4. Enhancing Access to Sustainable Energy Services for the Poor in Ghana
  5. Ghana National Capacity Assessment (Completed)
  6. Ghana: Establishing an Effective and Sustainable Structure for Implementing Multilateral Environment Agreements
  7. Ghana: Second national Communication to the UNFCCC
  8. Global Village Energy Partnership - Energy for Poverty Reduction Action Plan (Completed)
  9. Household Energy Programme for Cooking (Completed)
  10. Institutional support to integrate Climate Change adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction into national development plans
  11. Integrating climate change into the management of priority health risks in Ghana
  12. LPG Substitution for Wood fuel (Completed)
  13. National Action Programme to Mainstream Climate Change into Ghana's Development
  14. Promoting of Appliance Energy Efficiency and Transformation of the Refrigerating Appliances Market in Ghana
  15. Regional Project Building capacity in sub-Saharan Africa to respond to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC (Completed)
  16. Regional Project Capacity-building for Improving Greenhouse Gas Inventories (West and Francophone Central Africa) (Completed)
  17. Renewable Energy-based Electricity for Rural, Social and Economic Development


  1.  "UNDP Interactive Climate Projects Map"