Ghana-Support for Future National Climate Change Policy Framework

From Open Energy Information

"CDKN responded to a request by the Government of Ghana to help develop a high-level statement of Ghana’s current position on climate change, and outline its intended future direction.

CDKN assisted the Government in producing a discussion document that formed the first step in developing a National Climate Change Policy Framework (NCCPF) for Ghana. The document assessed the current position of Ghana’s climate change policy, posed some questions for future policy development, and presented potential options to address these. It is hoped that the discussion document will pave the way for developing a more comprehensive NCCPF document post-Cancun.

CDKN will also undertake two mapping exercises in parallel. The first will be a comprehensive mapping of climate and development research underway in Ghana. This is designed to find out what we already know, and where there are gaps in knowledge, to inform future research on climate change and development in the country.

CDKN will also map and analyse climate and development initiatives in Ghana, with the aim of helping the Government, development partners and other stakeholders coordinate their development projects and programmes and prioritise their focus."


  1.  "CDKN-Ghana-Support for Future National Climate Change Policy Framework"
  2.  "Policy brief"