Geothermometry At Rhodes Marsh Area (Shevenell, Et Al., 2008)

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Exploration Activity: Geothermometry At Rhodes Marsh Area (Shevenell, Et Al., 2008)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Rhodes Marsh Area
Exploration Technique Geothermometry
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Borate crusts that were partially mined during the 1800s were identified and mapped at Rhodes, Teels, and Columbus Marshes (playas), all in western Nevada (Figure 1). Subsequent field verification and chemical analyses of well, spring and groundwater samples indicated the presence of hidden subsurface geothermal reservoirs. Cation and quartz geothermometry indicate subsurface reservoir temperatures between 118°C and 162°C at all three areas based on results from waters sampled proximal to borate crusts.


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