Geothermometry At Lualualei Valley Area (Thomas, 1986)

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Exploration Activity: Geothermometry At Lualualei Valley Area (Thomas, 1986)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Lualualei Valley Area
Exploration Technique Geothermometry
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Yhe extensive set of groundwater chemical data compiled for the wells in the valley (Table 1) showed that two of the primary indicators that have been commonly used in Hawaii for identifying geothermal potential (i.e. silica concentration and chloride to magnesium ion ratios) were anomalous in the groundwater of this survey area (Cox and Thomas, 1979). Several wells located on the caldera boundaries were found to have both moderate-to-high silica concentrations as well as above-normal chloride/magnesium ratios. Although neither of these indicators can be used as a quantitative indicator of subsurface temperatures, both strongly suggest that the groundwaters in this area have been altered by thermally driven rock/water reactions.


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