Geothermometry At Hot Springs Ranch Area (Szybinski, 2006)

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Exploration Activity: Geothermometry At Hot Springs Ranch Area (Szybinski, 2006)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Hot Springs Ranch Area
Exploration Technique Geothermometry
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

The brine from the drill holes, hot springs, seepages, and irrigation wells was sampled, as well as water from two nearby creeks, (total of 13 samples) and sent for analysis to Thermochem Inc. For sample locations refer to Figure 35; the geochemical data are presented in Appendix C. Geochemical results indicate the presence of two distinct waters in this group of samples (Tom Powell of Thermochem Inc., personal communication, 2005). Powell found that MDH, TRS-1 and TRS-6 are the most prospective waters and tend to be more bicarbonate rich with much higher proportions of B, Li and much lower Cl. They are clearly related, and all have the same Cl concentration but vary in the other constituents.


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