Geothermometry (Fouillac & Michard, 1981)

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Exploration Activity: Geothermometry (Fouillac & Michard, 1981)

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Exploration Technique Geothermometry
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General discussion regarding the use of Sodium/Lithium ratios in geothermometry. The study of lithium concentrations and sodium lithium ratios in waters has suggested a new geothermometer. The relationships between temperature and Na/Li ratios for most of the explored geothermal fields are correctly described by two linear functions. Chloride contents of the waters provide a very simple way to choose the appropriate equation. Obviously the Na/Li geothermometer should not be used alone, but comparison with other geothermometers and also lithium concentrations will be very useful for geochemical surveys. An interesting point is the remarkable constancy of the Na/Li ratio from aquifer to surface manifestations.

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