Geothermal Modeling of the Raft River Geothermal Field

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Report: Geothermal Modeling of the Raft River Geothermal Field

This interim report presents the results to date of chemical modeling of the Raft River KGRA. Earlier work indicated a northwest-southeast anomaly in the contours. Modeling techniques applied to more complete data allowed further definition of the anomaly. Models described in this report show the source of various minerals in the geothermal water. There appears to be a regional heat source that gives rise to uniform conductive heat flow in the region, but convective flow is concentrated near the upwelling in the Crook well vicinity. Recommendations are made concerning field expansion and additional work needed to refine the overall reservoir model.

Overton, H. L.; Chaney, R. E.; Mcatee, D. L.; Graham and D. L.  

DOE Information Bridge, 11/1/1979



Overton, H. L.; Chaney, R. E.; Mcatee, D. L.; Graham, D. L.  . 11/1/1979. Geothermal Modeling of the Raft River Geothermal Field. (!) : DOE Information Bridge.

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