Geothermal Literature Review (Mcnitt, 1978)

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Exploration Activity: Geothermal Literature Review (Mcnitt, 1978)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Unspecified
Exploration Technique Geothermal Literature Review
Activity Date
Usefulness useful regional reconnaissance
DOE-funding Unknown

"A literature search found 46 geothermal fields for which reservoir temperatures in excess of 180degrees C have been proven by drilling and for which there is either drilling or geophysical data on which to base an estimate of field area. These fields are ranked according to area in Table 1 and their frequency distribution is shown in Fig. 2." "Sufficient information was found in the literature search to calculate an empirical value for the unit area power productivity for 18 of the 46 fields listed in Table 1. These values were calculated for each field by dividing total well productivities by the area occupied by the well field."

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