Geothermal Gradients Of Alberta In Western Canada

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Journal Article: Geothermal Gradients Of Alberta In Western Canada

55,246 bottom hole temperature (BHT) values from petroleum exploration well logs of 28,260 wells have been used to estimate geothermal gradients in Alberta. A general decrease in geothermal gradient towards the east is apparent. High gradient areas occur in the Hinton - Edson area of west central Alberta, in the Fort McMurray area of northeast Alberta, in the Steen River area of northwest Alberta, and at the northwest corner of the province. Comparison with gravity, aeromagnetic and relief maps indicates close correspondence between topographic features and geothermal gradients. It is suggested that subsurface temperature distribution in Alberta is strongly influenced by groundwater motion.

H. L. Lam and F. W. Jones

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1984



H. L. Lam,F. W. Jones. 1984. Geothermal Gradients Of Alberta In Western Canada. Geothermics. (!) .