Geothermal Energy Prospecting In El Salvador

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Journal Article: Geothermal Energy Prospecting In El Salvador

Geochronological and geological studies carried out in El Salvador C. A., located a production geothermal zone to the north of the volcanic belt, in a region named Ahuachapan-Chipilapa. Hydrothermal activity and geochemical analysis indicate the existence of active geothermal faults aligned to the directions South-North and Northwest-Southeast. Radon mapping in that region covered a total of 8.7 km2 where plastic detectors were placed 200 m apart. Results confirmed the existence of active faults and two producing geothermal wells were located.

M. Balcazar, E. Gonzalez, M. Ortega and J. H. Flores

Published Journal 
Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements, 1993



M. Balcazar,E. Gonzalez,M. Ortega,J. H. Flores. 1993. Geothermal Energy Prospecting In El Salvador. Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements. (!) .