Geothermal Energy In Canada

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Journal Article: Geothermal Energy In Canada

Since 1973 an effort has been made to identify and assess geothermal resources within Canada. Although the task is far from complete, two areas have been examined in some detail: the recent volcanic complex of Meager Mountain, British Columbia, and the Western Platform in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. It has been found that there are substantial resources associated with both, but of different character. At Meager Mountain high-temperature water will probably eventually be used for the generation of electrical power, whereas the low- to medium-temperature resources of the Basin are suitable for space heating and direct use. The useful accessible resource base in the waters of the Western Platform is very large, and reserves, estimated as 1% of the resource base are an order of magnitude greater than the thermal equivalent of Canadian oil reserves. In eastern Canada, where conventional energy supplies are more expensive, prospects for geothermal resources are not generally favourable, except in small areas. Development of geothermal resources in Canada is hindered by the absence of an established industry and, except in the Province of British Columbia, of legislation for the control of exploration and development of geothermal resources.

Alan M. Jessop, Morteza M. Ghomshei and Malcolm J. Drury

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1991



Alan M. Jessop,Morteza M. Ghomshei,Malcolm J. Drury. 1991. Geothermal Energy In Canada. Geothermics. (!) .