Geoscience Interpretations of the Raft River Resource

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Journal Article: Geoscience Interpretations of the Raft River Resource

A discussion of the geology and the wellfield development at Raft River is presented. The geothermal resource is located in a downdropped and downwarped basin bordered on east, west, and south by mountain ranges that vary in both stratigraphy and structure. It is inferred that the geothermal resource occurs where hydrothermal water rises at the intersection of and along the Narrows Zone and the Bridge Fault. Three exploration wells, two development wells, and two injection wells were drilled. The basic strategy of field development was to drill deep production wells on the faulted northwest side of the field and injection wells to an intermediate depth on the southeast side of the field. Four wells are employed as production wells. Two are used to inject the spent fluid. One has never been connected to the nearby three miles of interconnected production pipelines because of low artesian flow rates.

J.A. Tullis and M.R Dolenc

Published Journal 
Bulletin - Geothermal Resources Council, 2/1/1982

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J.A. Tullis, M.R Dolenc. 2/1/1982. Geoscience Interpretations of the Raft River Resource. Bulletin - Geothermal Resources Council. (!) .