Geophysical Investigations In Jordan

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Journal Article: Geophysical Investigations In Jordan

A number of geophysical investigations have been undertaken in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to provide data for understanding the tectonic framework, the pattern of seismicity, earthquake hazards and geothermal resources of the country. Both the historical seismic record and the observed recent seismicity point to the dominance of the Dead Sea Rift as the main locus of seismic activity but significant branching trends and gaps in the seismicity pattern are also seen. A wide variety of focal plane solutions are observed emphasizing the complex pattern of fault activity in the vicinity of the rift zone. Geophysical investigations directed towards the geothermal assessment of the prominent thermal springs of Zerga Ma'in and Zara are not supportive of the presence of a crustal magmatic source.

Robert L. Kovach, Gordon E. Andreasen, Mark E. Gettings and Kays El-Kaysi

Published Journal 
Tectonophysics, 1990



Robert L. Kovach,Gordon E. Andreasen,Mark E. Gettings,Kays El-Kaysi. 1990. Geophysical Investigations In Jordan. Tectonophysics. (!) .