Geochemical Sampling of Thermal Waters in Nevada

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Conference Paper: Geochemical Sampling of Thermal Waters in Nevada

There are 1000 thermal springs in Nevada for which a location is known, but for which there are no available temperature (or chemical) measurements. Although many of these sites are within known geothermal areas and are located near springs for which temperature and/or geochemical data are available for one of the springs, many of these sites are not so located and require evaluation before the geothermal potential of the area can be assessed. In order to begin filling in data gaps, water sampling commenced in 2002 when over 70 analyses were obtained from springs with previously limited or poor data. A preliminary evaluation of geothermometers temperatures indicates most of the areas have relatively low geothermal potential, however, possible mixing and reequilbration at lower, near surface temperature needs to be evaluated at some of the sites. Of the sites evaluated thus far, the following have the highest potential for electrical power production (based on chalcedony geothermometers temperatures): Hot Creek Canyon Area (136°C), Buffalo Valley (130°C), Pumpernickel Valley (Tipton Ranch; 125°C), and Smith Creek Valley (119°C).

Lisa Shevenell and Larry Garside

GRC Annual Meeting; Morelia, Mexico; 2003/10/12

Geothermal Resources Council, 2003

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Lisa Shevenell,Larry Garside. 2003. Geochemical Sampling of Thermal Waters in Nevada. In: Transactions. GRC Annual Meeting; 2003/10/12; Morelia, Mexico. Davis, CA: Geothermal Resources Council; p. 27–32

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