Geochemical Mapping In Northern Honshu, Japan

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Journal Article: Geochemical Mapping In Northern Honshu, Japan

Geochemical mapping of northern Honshu in the Northeast Japan Arc was carried out using stream sediments at a sampling density of one sample per 130 km2. More than 50 elements were determined in 395 stream sediment samples (<0.18 mm fraction). In geochemical maps, areas with especially low concentrations of large ion lithophile elements (LILE), Be and Li widely overlap with the distribution of Quaternary volcanic rocks along the volcanic front. The areas rich in mafic elements are associated with mafic rocks in many cases. On a regional scale, Ni, Cr and Cu contents are higher in the eastern Paleozoic-Mesozoic basement zone, Pb and Tl tend to be higher on the western zones, and Zn and Cd are high in the western back-arc zone. The areas especially rich in Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb, Bi and Tl coincide with the distribution of large mineral deposits. High concentrations related to Kuroko, hydrothermal-vein, and skarn-type deposits are recognized. High values of As and Sb are related to active geothermal areas near volcanoes and ore deposits. Chemical variations of K, Ce, Th and Sn in the stream sediments are concordant with chemical variations in major rocks. The median and mean concentrations for the stream sediments in northern Honshu, showing arc signatures, are lower in Rb, Cs, Th, Li, K, Be, Ta, LREE, Ni, Hg and Sn, and higher in Sc, Ca and Cd relative to the whole area of Japan, largely because of the contribution of Cenozoic island-arc volcanic rocks that are generally poor in incompatible elements. The averaged chemical compositions of the stream sediments for the geologic zones show systematic variations of many elements. The contrasting variations of LREE and Th contents, which are lower in the zones of Cenozoic rocks relative to the zones of pre-Neogene basements, reflect the regional variations in the main rocks, and also reflect the change of geological settings of the studied area from the continental margin to an island arc during the Cenozoic.

Masumi Ujiie-Mikoshiba, Noboru Imai, Shigeru Terashima, Yoshiko Tachibana and Takashi Okai

Published Journal 
Applied Geochemistry, 2006



Masumi Ujiie-Mikoshiba,Noboru Imai,Shigeru Terashima,Yoshiko Tachibana,Takashi Okai. 2006. Geochemical Mapping In Northern Honshu, Japan. Applied Geochemistry. (!) .