Gems - Geothermal Expert Modeling System

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Journal Article: Gems - Geothermal Expert Modeling System

In carrying out geothermal-energy development projects, an exhaustive study has to be conducted on the local subsurface geothermal system based on extensive geothermal surveys and well data. The New Energy and industrial Development Organization has had an extensive geothermal research program under way since 1987, known as the Nationwide Geothermal Resources Exploration Project. In this program, the total analysis system, which is called the Geothermal Expert Modelling System (GEMS), has been developed to systematize all processes of building models of geothermal systems based on the various regional exploration data. The aim of the system is to select narrow promising areas (about 50-60 square kilometers) for more elaborate exploration from within a region extending over hundreds of square kilometers, by analyzing the various explorations, and by building a geothermal system model of the area. This scheme includes studies to consolidate individual geothermal survey data into an integrated data base and to work out a computer-aided support system for building geothermal models. It calls for the integration of these processes into a system on a user-friendly, engineering work-station that has sufficient graphic functions. An attempt was made to actually identify promising areas in regions covered by wide-area surveys on hydrothermal systems, using the proposed total analysis system.

M. Harada, S. Tezuka, K. Hiyane, M. Sasada and N. Narita

Published Journal 
Mathematical Geology, 1994

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M. Harada,S. Tezuka,K. Hiyane,M. Sasada,N. Narita. 1994. Gems - Geothermal Expert Modeling System. Mathematical Geology. (!) .