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What are some of the US national lab research groups and programs working on clean energy development?

Research groups at the US national laboratories are involved in a number of exciting international, energy efficiency and other technical activities to encourage clean energy development and partnership and to promote a sustainable future. A selection of these programs are listed below to demonstrate some of the current laboratory research activities and partnerships.

International Programs

Berkeley India Joint Leadership on Energy and Environment
The Berkeley India Joint Leadership on Energy and Environment (BIJLEE) is a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory joint research and development program in which researchers work with the government and private sector of India to assist in the adoption of pathways and approaches for reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases while pursuing sustainable economic development.
China Energy Group at LBNL
The China Energy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is committed to understanding the opportunities to meet China's energy needs especially in relation to energy efficiency and to exploring the implications for policy and business.
International Energy Studies Group at LBNL
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's International Energy Studies (IES) Group has been active for more than 25 years and is composed of scientists active on the world forum in the areas of energy, forestry, and climate research.
International Program at NREL
NREL teams with governments, private developers, and international institutions to advance clean energy technology development worldwide through technical expertise and deployment capabilities that support international energy projects and initiatives.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Cool Roofs and Heat Islands at LBNL
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researches cool roof materials, pavements, and vegetation that can reduce the heat island effect, save energy and reduce smog formation. The goal of this research is to develop cool materials to save energy and money.
Energy Efficiency at LBNL
The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Environmental Energy Technologies Division performs analysis and research and development leading to better energy technologies and reduction of adverse energy-related environmental impacts. This work increases the efficiency of energy use, reduces its environmental effects, provides the nation with environmental benefits, and helps developing nations achieve similar goals through technical advice.
Energy Efficiency at NREL
Building research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory supports the U.S. Department of Energy's goal to create the technology and knowledge base for cost-effective zero-energy buildings by 2025.
Energy Efficiency at ORNL
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is involved in a number of energy efficiency activities including optimizing the energy performance of buildings, technical assistance with combined heat and power technologies and ground source heat pump analysis, among others.
Energy Efficiency at PNNL
The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) works to enhance energy efficiency and productivity, bringing clean, reliable and affordable energy technologies to the marketplace, and reducing America's dependence on imported oil.

Other Technical Programs

Electricity Infrastructure Operations Center at PNNL
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has invested in bringing together industry software, real-time grid data and advanced computation into a functional control room.
GridWise at PNNL
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's GridWise seeks to modernize the nation's electric system - from central generation to customer appliances and equipment - and create a collaborative network filled with information and abundant market-based opportunities.
Technology Planning and Deployment at PNNL
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Technology Planning and Deployment group provides customers with a unique combination of experience and expertise with capabilities in economics and regulatory analysis, systems engineering, marketing, technology adaptation and application, policy analysis, and project management.
Technology Systems Analysis at PNNL
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Technology Analysis group has capabilities including sustainable design and development, building systems and energy technology analysis, and carbon management.

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