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Where can I learn more about clean energy technologies?

It is important to have a clear understanding of the basic technical, economic and environmental aspects of clean energy technologies. The websites, presentations, publications and networks listed below seek to provide information to cultivate a deeper understanding of these issues.

Useful Websites

Learning about Renewable Energy at NREL
The NREL Learning About Renewable Energy website provides basic information about biomass, geothermal, solar, wind, hydro, hydrogen and ocean power. The website also includes resources for learning more about advanced vehicles and fuels, energy delivery and storage and using renewable energy for electricity providers, farmers homeowners and small businesses. Educational resources for students on wind, solar, hydrogen, geothermal and biomass energy are also featured.
SolarPaces International CSP Project Information
Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems (SolarPaces) works with member countries to compile data on concentrating solar power (CSP) projects around the world including parabolic trough, linear Fresnel reflector, power tower, and dish/engine systems that have plants that are either operational, under construction, or under development.


Renewable Energy Optimization Presentation
This presentation provides an overview of determining a "best" mix of renewable energy technologies in relation to utility rates, renewable energy resources, technology characterization, state, utility and federal incentives and economic parameters.
CSP Technology, Markets and Development Presentation
This presentation with audio overlay provides an overview of CSP technologies, information on CSP siting, integration and markets as well as examples of projects and research and development (R&D) activities.


Geothermal (Ground-Source) Heat Pumps: Market Status, Barriers to Adoption, and Actions to Overcome Barriers
This study from Oak Ridge National Laboratory addresses the conundrum that Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs), sometimes called ground-source heat pumps, have been proven capable of producing large reductions in energy use and peak demand in buildings but have received little attention at the policy level as an important component of a national strategy.
Renewable Energy for Microenterprise Guide
This guide is targeted to the many types of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and microenterprise support organizations that are interested in improving the profitability of their members’ microenterprises through renewable energy (RE) technologies. In addition, RE suppliers and technical organizations can use this guide to strengthen efforts to incorporate microfinance institutions and practices into rural electrification programs.


NCPV International PV Communications Hotline
The NREL PV Research program maintains an international communications system called the NCPV Hotline to increase knowledge and awareness of PV industry and research happenings. Hotline participants receive important news items via email related to PV activities around the world. The contents have been relatively uncensored, because we depend on the good judgment of the contributors to separate fact from rumor.

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