Gas Flux Sampling (Evans, Et Al., 2001)

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Exploration Activity: Gas Flux Sampling (Evans, Et Al., 2001)

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Location Unspecified
Exploration Technique Gas Flux Sampling
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Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Laboratory experiments aimed at evaluating gas flux sampling methods The value of using the noble gas suite in transport studies is made obvious by the eight-fold enrichment in 4Her132Xe observed in the 80% CO sample (Table 2 1), relative to abundancies in air. Our results at least show that gas samples collected by either sudden pre-evacuated container or gradual gas pump. Removal of tens of cm3 of gas through an access pipe appear to reflect steady-state values. On-site measurements other than CO2 flux could add much to the study of high-flux areas. In particular, obtaining simultaneous measurements of pressure and CO gradients together with flux would be 2 well worth the effort.


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