Gaia Worldwide

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Gaia Worldwide is a company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Gaia Worldwide is a provider of Executive Search and Strategic Advisory services to the solar industry based in Cambridge Massachusetts USA.

GAIA Search provides Executive Search services exclusively to the solar industry. We are committed to bringing world class talent across all functional roles to our clients in the interest of sustaining the industry's high growth rate and establishing industry leaders that will soon become household names. Since 2005 we have been supporting breakthrough innovations that got the industry to where it is today, and we continue to provide the talent needed to meet the challenges posed by our increasingly competitive and complex global market. Founded by Joe Boyce, we leverage a combination of deep industry knowledge, a concentrated effort by our search professionals, and our extensive network of contacts throughout the industry value chain to the highest benefit of our clients.  We are able to quickly understand your needs and select uniquely suited candidates for all functional roles. By screening both candidates and clients with vigilance we reduce cycle times and maximize the efficiency of the interviewing and selection process for our clients. If your company is in need of key people to sustain your growth and strategic advantages, please contact us for a confidential exploratory conversation.


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