Formulating Climate Change Scenarios to Inform Climate - Resilient Development Strategies

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Tool Overview

"This guidebook is part of a series of manuals, guidebooks, and toolkits that draw upon the experience and information generated by UNDP’s support for climate change adaptation and mitigation projects and National Communications to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in some 140 countries over the past decade. They are intended to enable project managers, UNDP Country Offices, and developing country government decision makers to acquaint themselves with a variety of methodologies most appropriate to their development contexts in support of the preparation of low-emission climate-resilient development strategies (LECRDs).

In a flexible and non-prescriptive manner, they offer detailed step-by-step guidance for the identification of key stakeholders and the establishment of participatory planning and coordination frameworks; generation of climate change profiles and vulnerability scenarios; identification and prioritization of mitigation and adaptation options; assessment of financing requirements; and development of low-emission climate-resilient roadmaps for project development, policy instruments, and financial flows. This publication focuses on the formulation of climate-change scenarios as a tool to inform low-emission climate-resilient development strategies."


  1.  "Formulating Climate Change Scenarios to Inform Climate - Resilient Development Strategies"