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Federal Memorandum of Understanding for Hydropower

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Hydropower Vision Report

The U.S. Department of Energy's 2016 Hydropower Vision Report establishes a roadmap for increasing hydropower capacity from 101 GW to nearly 150 GW by 2050. The greatest potential growth can be attributed to 4.8 GW of new development on existing non-powered dams, 6.3 GW in upgrades to existing facilities, 35.5 GW of new pumped storage projects, and 1.75 GW of new stream-reach developments. The report includes information on new technologies for improving environmental outcomes for new and existing hydropower facilities and establishes a commitment to sustainable development. To learn more:

Hydropower Resource Assessments

Oak Ridge National Lab:

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation:

For more information on U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Resource Assessments please see the USBOR Hydropower Program Website

Landscape-level Planning and Optimization Tools




Coordination under the Hydropower MOU resulted in a facilitated dialogue, led by DOE, to discuss options for updating the 2011 MOU between the FERC and the USACE. The FERC-USACE MOU aims to improve interagency coordination for hydropower permitting processes that both agencies share responsibility in related to the Clean Water Act and NEPA.

In July 2016, the FERC-USACE MOU was successfully amended to provide two approved pathways for regulatory coordination and license application planning. This amendment advances efforts that seek to reduce permitting processes redundancy by better synchronization between the agencies in environmental reviews by allowing one Clean Water Act 401 document and one NEPA document to be filed in a single application that is used by both agencies. This approach also allows for one USACE Section 408 review and one USACE 404 application review process that parallels the FERC license issuance.

A Case Study: Testing Hydrokinetic Turbines

MOU 2-year update