Thermal Gradient Holes At Chena Area (Erkan, Et. Al., 2008)

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Exploration Activity: Thermal Gradient Holes At Chena Area (Erkan, Et. Al., 2008)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Chena Area
Exploration Technique Thermal Gradient Holes
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

MULTI-STAGE DRILLING Once a hole is drilled the natural-state pressure distribution with depth is essentially unrecoverable (Grant et al., 1982). One of the best ways to mitigate this effect is to use multi-stage drilling (White et al., 1975; Grant et al., 1982). This type of drilling was applied at Chena and its usefulness in understanding the natural flow regimes is demonstrated. Here, we illustrate how high-quality equilibrium temperature logs can often be used to identify permeable fractures. The independent interpretations of flow regimes based on temperature-depth curves and the relative pressure distribution compared to direct pressure measurements show an excellent correlation and allow us to generate a conceptual model of the geothermal system.

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