Exploration In A Blind Geothermal Area Near Marysville, Montana, Usa

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Journal Article: Exploration In A Blind Geothermal Area Near Marysville, Montana, Usa

Extensive geological and geophysical studies were carried out during the summer of 1973 in a blind geothermal area near Marysville, Montana. Earlier studies of regional heat flow resulted in the discovery of the area (BLACKWELL 1969; BLACKWELL, BAAG 1973). The area is blind in the sense that there are no surface manifestations of high heat flow (recent volcanics, hot springs, etc.) within the area. The country rocks are Precambrian sedimentary rocks and Mesozoic and Tertiary intrusive rocks. The most recent Tertiary igneous event took place approximately 37 M.Y. ago. Residual heat from that event should long since have dissipated. The object of the 1973 studies was to investigate the effectiveness of different exploration techniques in outlining the anomaly, to determine the geographic extent and intensity of the anomaly, and to pick a site for a deep drill hole to investigate the source of the anomaly. These studies included geologic mapping, heat flow, gravity, ground magnetics, resistivity, seismic ground noise, micro-earthquake studies, and infra-red photography. The heat flow data have outlined a geothermal anomaly with heat flow values ranging up to 20 _ 10 -~ cal/cm'-'s with an area of at least 35 km'-'. An area of at least 8 km'-' has heat flow values in excess of 10 _ 10 '-6 cal/cm~s, approximately 5 times the regional average. Heat flow values were obtained in 60 m drill holes.

D. D. Blackwell

Published Journal 
Geothermics, Date Not Provided

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D. D. Blackwell. . Exploration In A Blind Geothermal Area Near Marysville, Montana, Usa. Geothermics. (!) .

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