Exploration And Development Of The Tendaho Geothermal Field

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Conference Paper: Exploration And Development Of The Tendaho Geothermal Field


Ethiopia is well endowed with geothermal resources, and current exploration is believed to have studied only a fraction of the ultimate potential. The geothermal potential prospective areas are distributed along the Ethiopian Rift valley system which runs in a northeasterly direction along the entire length of Ethiopia. Among these, the Tendaho geothermal field is one of the best prospects located in the Afar regional state, some 600km from capital city, Addis Ababa. It is situated in the northeastern Tendaho graben and possesses about 4,000km2 of structural features with high-standing fault scarps bounding a flat plain dotted by young volcanic edifices and local structural highs. The graben hosts the world famous 'Afar Triple Junction' where the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Main Ethiopian rifts come together giving rise to a prime region of geothermal potential. The drilled area is in Dubti. The Awash River enters the graben through a gap in the Magneta range, the southwestern graben bounding an up-lifted block at Logiya, and flows southeast into Lake Abbey, on the border with the Republic of Djibouti. Geological studies carried out thus far at the Tendaho field include: - Inventory of hydrothermal features, geological mapping and petrographic studies;

- Logging of down hole geology, petrochemical and XRD analysis of surface and subsurface alteration

Merga Tassew

GRC, 2010

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