Event:The 3rd Global Energy Basel (GEB) Summit

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The 3rd Global Energy Basel (GEB) Summit: on 2013/01/22

The GEB Foundation organises a yearly conference: The GEB Sustainable Infrastructure Investment Summit. The 3rd GEB Summit will take place from 22–23 January 2013 at the Congress Center in Basel, back to back with the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. The GEB Summit 2013 program will be articulated around the following four thematic pillars: 1) Infrastructure in a changing world – investing for people, planet and profit; 2) Innovative financing for sustainable infrastructure – paving the way for a new asset class; 3) Policy and best practice of financing sustainable infrastructure development – good news from around the world; 4) Investment Forum – bringing investors and projects together.

Event Details
Name The 3rd Global Energy Basel (GEB) Summit
Date 2013/01/22

Location Basel, Switzerland

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