Event:Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum 2012 (CREF)

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Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum 2012 (CREF): on 2012/10/15

"In what many regard as a watershed year for Caribbean renewables, topics to be covered at CREF 2012 will include:

  • Project Bankability - the view from the capital-providers
  • Utilities & Distributed Generation: A wedding or a future apart?
  • Puerto Rico - update and investment opportunities
  • Regional Interconnection: practical, politicial, financial perspectives
  • The Technological Landscape: what's new, what works, what are the costs?
• Waste-to-Energy - over-hyped or a long-term solution for the Caribbean?
  • Case-study: The Atlantic Canada RE Experience - lessons learned and applications in the Caribbean
  • Caribbean Buildings: Combining RE with EE; opportunities for investment
  • Regional Project/RFP/Investment Opportunity Update"

Event Details
Name Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum 2012 (CREF)
Date 2012/10/15

Location San Juan, Puerto Rico

Website Event Website