Event:11th European Bat Detector Workshop

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In connection to the European Bat Research Symposium every three years, it has since 1991 been a tradition to organize a bat detector workshop just before or after the conference. With this years conference in Donostia (the Basque country), the 26 year old tradition was almost forgotten. So it is the pleasure of Nordic Chiroptera Information Center (NIFF) to invite you to the 11th European Bat Detector Workshop. The event will be organized at the Youth Hostel Lomakivi just 5 km north of Kausala, or 130 km northeast of Helsinki. The workshop will start on the same evening as the conference ends in Turku, allowing people to travel directly from one event to the other. The aim of the workshop is to get field training in practical bat work. This includes the use of various detectors, and capture techniques.

Event Details
Name 11th European Bat Detector Workshop
Date 2021/08/07
EndDate 2021/08/10
Location Youth Hostel Lomakivi (Kausala, Finland)
IsPrimreEvent Yes
Website Event Website