Evaluation Of Operational Reserves Of High Temperature Waters

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Journal Article: Evaluation Of Operational Reserves Of High Temperature Waters

Exploitational resources of geothermal steam are at present evaluated on the basis of the experimental-exploitational outlet of steam-water mixture. During exploitation it has been stated that steam-water wells, such as ordinary hydrogeological wells, influence the pressure high-temperature water-bearing complex, causing the depression of stratum pressure. It is shown on the concrete example, that the evaluation of exploitational resources of thermal waters for a certain period of exploitation of a deposit may be done by definition of piezometric level sinking according to the unstable filtration formula. In the operating steam-water wells, in connection with the movement in the upper part of steam-water mixture trunk, it is difficult to determine the sinking of the level and dynamics of its change with time (t). Hydrological parameters were evaluated on the data of the level restoration (s) after experimental outlet of the steam-water mixture, considering the observed dependence: S = f (lgt) Exploitational resources after a short-time outflow of the thermal waters through the wells are provided mainly by a mass of heated water, which is located in the upper part of hydrothermal systems and constantly regenerated. Continuous exploitation of the systems is maintained by outflow of the heat, which is located in the heated rocks in the limits of thermal anomalies, and by the inflow of the goethermal deep-seated steam to the zone of depression of the strata pressure with intensive outflow of the mass and heat from the upper horizons. This explains the considerably greater heat capacity of the artificial outflow in comparison with the natural heat capacity of hydrothermal systems. The obtained regularities of the discharge change or level sinking in the process of the experimental outlets of the steam-water mixture, or a short-time exploitation, may be used for evaluation by the hydrodynamic method of the maximal resources of the thermal deposits. This will afford the possibility to evaluate correctly the possible capacity of geothermal power stations in the initial period of prospecting and accelerate the preparation of the deposit for exploitation.

V. M. Sugroboy

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1970



V. M. Sugroboy. 1970. Evaluation Of Operational Reserves Of High Temperature Waters. Geothermics. (!) .