Ethiopia Energy Access Project

From Open Energy Information

The Energy Access Project for Ethiopia will establish a sustainable program for expanding the population's access to electricity and improving the quality and adequacy of electricity supply, reduce environmental degradation and improve energy end-use efficiency; reduce the barriers to the wide spread adoption of renewable energy technologies, and provide technical support for institutional and capacity building of key sector agencies. The project consists of the following components: Component 1) will comprise consultants' services and training. Component 2) comprises the following two sub-components: (i) Urban Distribution System Rehabilitation and Expansion; and (ii) a Load Dispatch Center (LDC). Component 3) will support the Government's strategy for improving the population's access to electricity. Component 4) will help to reduce environmental degradation and improve biomass energy end-use efficiency. Component 5) includes a provision for financing the cost of implementing the Environmental Management Plan prepared under the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).


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