Ethiopia-Strategic Climate Institutions Programme (SCIP)

From Open Energy Information

"KPMG is fund manager for SCIP, a GBP 9 to 12 million DFID-backed fund designed to build Ethiopia’s capacity to cope with climate change across the public, private and civil society sectors and to respond to the challenges of transitioning to a climate resilient green economy. KPMG provides a full range of programme management services to SCIP. Through a flexible grants process, the programme awards funding to organisations (Ethiopian Government agencies, civil society organisations and academia) that deliver strategic projects that have a clear multiplier effect – for example by removing key obstacles to building climate resilience, or seizing opportunities in the green economy – and supports critical institutions charged with delivering Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy.

Programme Highlights SCIP is currently funding a project that is using the UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) standardization reform process to develop a standardized baseline (SBL) for grid-connected renewable electricity generation and efficiency projects. The SBL will generate incentives for project developers to access the CDM and implement these initiatives in Ethiopia. It will also strengthen Ethiopia’s Designated National Authority’s (EPA) capacity to assess and submit further SBLs to UNFCCC for other project initiatives. SCIP is also providing funding support to Ethiopia’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for climate change negotiations.

Results DFID transferred management of the SCIP fund to KPMG in May 2012, following an initial outreach and marketing phase. KPMG moved quickly to respond to the expectations created around the fund. It was clear that there was an urgency to set up the fund management mechanisms and commence review and funding of proposals within the six-month inception phase. With inception now complete, 14 high potential pipeline projects have been assessed, and of these three were contracted in the first round within three months of inception with a further five funded through the second window."


  1.  "Strategic Climate Institutions Programme"