Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

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Organization Overview[edit]

"Environmental Defense Fund’s mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. Guided by science, we design and transform markets to bring lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems.

Our longtime concentration on four key areas—climate, oceans, ecosystems and health—gives us the breadth of experience to confront the most serious environmental challenges facing the planet. To address these problems before their consequences become irreversible, we have set very ambitious goals:

  • Climate: Avoid catastrophic consequences of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and applying effective adaptation strategies
  • Oceans: Protect ocean ecosystems by creating sustainable and healthy fisheries
  • Ecosystems: Preserve critical land and freshwater ecosystems for the benefit of people and wildlife
  • Health: Safeguard human health by reducing or eliminating environmental threats, including toxic chemicals and pollution

Such large goals can be reached only by working with others to lead transformational change, the kind of lasting change that influences entire sectors of the economy. EDF’s greatest achievements on this scale have come from designing economic incentives to protect the environment, and we will emphasize this strongly. Markets unleash people’s creativity, guide entrepreneurs and catalyze innovation.

Coupled with EDF’s economic savvy are scientific rigor, legal and policy expertise and a uniquely effective way of working with business. We use a broad range of approaches to get results, including persuasion, lobbying, public education and litigation. Our staff is our strength, and we will continue to build that human capital and foster an atmosphere of innovative thinking.

While the current economic climate adds to the challenge of funding our work, it also makes people and institutions more open to transformational change. Now is the moment that major sectors such as the world energy economy are ripe for reinvention. Never has there been a greater need to align economic incentives with the protection of the environment. Together with our supporters and allies, we will seize this opportunity to protect and restore the vibrant balance of life on Earth."


 "Environmental Defense Fund"