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Energypedia is a wiki-based platform for collaborative knowledge exchange on renewable energy and energy access in the context of development cooperation. Recognizing that development in the 21st century requires access to information, energypedia is leveraging Web 2.0 technologies to remove knowledge barriers and expand the diffusion of information addressing the crucial question of how universal and sustainable energy access for all can be achieved.

On anyone can create and revise articles on renewable energy technologies, approaches and projects as well as energy efficiency. Energypedia aims to activate creative collaboration and practical knowledge sharing on the open wiki platform in order to spark innovation and opportunities that advance the cause of access to sustainable energy for all.

The platform is run by Energypedia Nonprofit which founded the commercial subsidiary company Energypedia Consult. Energypedia Consult is specialized in IT-solutions in the field of development cooperation. Profits from Energypedia Consult contribute to the financing of Energypedia Nonprofit.