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IMC (intelligent motor control)Technology.

Currently under evaluation by the US Department of Energy's technology evaluation program, one over-looked and as yet pretty much unknown in the USA conservation technology called IMC (intelligent motor control) has been in use for over a decade in 73 countries around the world. Featuring soft start, soft stop and a host of other features, IMC technology has the ability to reduce electrical consumption by 20% to 40% when applied to constant speed A/C induction motors serving as the prime mover for equipment of all types. Roi's are typically under 24 months, with some applications achieving ROI under 12 months. Capable of handling constant speed A/C squirrel cage induction motors from fractional horsepower single phase 120vac thru 2000 horsepower three phase 1100vac, IMC technology has numerous features and benefits in addition to savings...soft start, soft stop, drive train protection, vibration and noise reduction, operating temperature reduction of @ 13.5 degrees C (doubling the life of motors)to name a few. http:/ has information and links describing the technology, it's origins, history, end users, case studies, white papers,reports and more. A proven track record of performance and savings around the world. UL, CE and EN rated, it is approved for installation anywhere on the planet. It is worth your time to investigate IMC technology. Emc3 LLC Energy Management, Conservation & Cost Containment LLC