ORNL Energy Efficiency

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ORNL delivers key support to DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) programs through three broad areas of research and development.

Sustainable electricity is aligned under the Energy Efficiency and Electricity Technologies Program. ORNL's sustainable electricity program develops technologies to create a cleaner environment. This program addresses challenges in renewable generation, electricity distribution and end-use in buildings to ensure our nation's energy security through cost effective solutions while mitigating and reducing environmental impacts.

Sustainable manufacturing is aligned under ORNL's Office of Energy Materials, which manages the EERE Industrial Technologies Program at ORNL. Sustainable manufacturing draws on the laboratory's world-class leadership in materials science RD&D to develop and implement the materials, processing, devices, and implementation strategies needed to increase industrial energy efficiency. The program partners with industry to translate the discoveries of science into real world energy solutions. The program's R&D portfolio includes advanced energy materials, energy efficient processes, nanomanufacturing and combined heat and power (CHP).

Sustainable mobility research and development helps bridge basic science with technology maturation and application. Efforts address issues related to the vehicle and fuel, the mobility of passengers and freight, and the country's transportation infrastructure, with more than half supporting EERE programs.

ORNL Energy Efficiency Capabilities include:[1]


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