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Energy Data Initiative

Energy Data Jam

The Energy Data Jam, the event which kicked off the Energy Data Initiative, was held on May 21st and hosted by Stanford Business School, the White House and the U.S. Department of Energy. This workshop brought together a group of America’s most innovative entrepreneurs, software developers, CEOs, energy experts, and policy makers to take advantage of existing and newly available government energy data to spark new private-sector consumer-facing and business-oriented tools, products, and services.

Here are some of the top ideas to come out of the half-day brainstorming session:

  1. “Tweet my Building”: a product/service that enables your office building to tweets messages on energy consumption, possibly also giving energy efficiency tips.
  2. "Donate my Green Button Data”: service to enable consumers to donate their household Green Button usage data for research or to other interested parties (mechanisms could include either a federated model or even a formal 501c3)
  3. "Rate Integration": service/app for consumers to see how much energy costs them, by combining Green Button's usage data with the associated tariffs.
  4. "Unique Building ID Standard": a technology that generates a unique building identifier for each building in the U.S. which could then be used as a common identifier in any dataset with information on buildings such as retrofit history, energy usage, square footage, etc. This would more easily enable valuable mash ups of separate datasets (LEED, APN, BPD, etc.) to occur on a national or local basis and remove critical barriers for the implementation of energy policies for the built environment.
  5. "Energy PowerBall": a lottery-incentive platform for residential energy efficiency.
  6. “My Energy Guide”: a mobile app for use in retail stores that mashes-up Energy Star Product Data, rebates, electric rates, and Green Button data to find the best deal on consumer products. (BONUS IDEA: mobile app for retail sales personnel to upsell more expensive, more energy-efficient products)
  7. "Green Button Data for Vehicles": enable consumers to easily get the data collected by the computers/microprocessors in vehicles.
  8. “My EV Score”: like the "Walk Score for Apartments", a mobile app/service that displays the number of charging stations and other EV-friendly establishments near a certain geographic point.
  9. “Price my Ride”: an app/service that quantifies the cost of individual behavior and incentivizes people to carpool and take other energy conservation steps.
  10. "iReport Incidents": mobile app like "SeeClickFix" that enables individuals to inform their utility of outages, vegetation management issues, and other risks by taking photos, texting, and/or reporting their location.
  11. "Pricing Alerts Service": a mobile app/service/text that uses Green Button and other data to notify ratepayers when they are about to cross a utility-bill threshold (e.g. new pricing tier).
  12. "Optimizing Distributed Energy": software that incorporates real-time data to help utilities manage/react to distributed energy production behind the meter.
  13. Financial products (e.g. energy efficiency loans, credit algorithms, etc.) that use the Buildings Performance Database and/or the Buildings Performance Database Taxonomy


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