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There are several organizations and websites that make training materials related to energy access available. Also, there are many collections of documents that are great sources of information regarding energy access topics.

Online Training Materials

USAID Toolkit for Increasing Energy Access
Solar Energy International
The Alternative Energy Series

Successful Rural Wind Program in Peru

Best Practices

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Best Practices of the Alliance for Rural Electrification: what renewable energy can achieve in developing countries The report is a comprehensive collection of best practice case-studies in the use of renewable energy for rural electrification across the globe. They cover a wide range of technologies, geographical locations, financial support mechanisms, and consumer-tariff schemes.

All Energy Access Best Practices

Case Studies

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USAID Toolkit for Increasing Energy Access

"The toolkit is a collection of resources related to energy access in developing counties. The toolkit includes a set of presentations, a collection of case studies, a set of tools to help with planning and implementation, a list of documents spanning global references to on-the-ground reports, a video library, and an external links resource."


UN Sustainable Energy for All

This initiative will call for private sector and national commitments and attract global attention to the importance of energy for development and poverty alleviation. The goal is to meet three objectives by 2030: Ensuring universal access to modern energy services; Doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency; Doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

World Bank-Stand Alone Renewable Energy Systems Case Studies

"Contains case studies on RE project implementation showcasing the best practices and lessons learned."

All Energy Access Case Studies


Resources.jpg Documents and Reports

A report on Energy Efficiency from kidwind science snack
The Secondary Energy Infobook published by EERE
Increasing access to energy services in rural areas: Module 10
Energize the BOP! Energy Business Model Generator for Low-Income Markets A practitioners guide.
Energize the BOP! Energy Business Model Generator for Low-Income Markets A practitioners guide.