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Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) Model

"The RTI Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) model is a dynamic linear-programming model of U.S. wholesale electricity markets. It is designed to examine how mid- to long-term policies affecting these markets will influence electricity supply decisions, electricity generation costs, and electricity prices. To accomplish this, the model determines least-cost methods for meeting electricity demand on a seasonal and time-of-day basis, while considering factors such as growth in demand, peak demands, and limits on emissions."

An Energy Model for a Low Income Rural African Village

"This paper presents a new model of energy system dynamics of a low-income rural community in South Africa. It identifies deficiencies in earlier efforts to model energy choices in rural villages, present this new model, and summarize a new survey of a non-electrified village (Nkweletsheni) that was used for calibration. It computes a baseline scenario for future consumption of energy services in the village, and explores scenarios that envision access to grid electricity as well as internalisation of pollution costs."

UNDP-Energy Costing Tool

"The Energy Costing Tool has been designed specifically to help government planners and decision makers estimate the amounts and types of energy investments required to meet the MDGs."

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