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EnergyScoreCards™ is an online energy benchmarking and management tool for people who make decisions about energy use in buildings, including:

  • Property Managers & Building Owners
  • Energy Consultants & Contractors
  • Energy Efficiency Program Administrators
  • Utility Companies

This software organizes energy and water usage data, supports financial planning for energy improvements, and tracks the progress and success of energy- and water-saving efforts.

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Key Features

  • Automatic utility bill retrieval (where online utility bill access is available)
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration
  • Energy efficiency retrofit project-tracking and record-keeping
  • Analysis of pre- and post- retrofit building performance
  • Scoring for buildings whether or not tenant utility bill data is available
  • Carbon footprint calculator
  • Analysis capabilities that are compliant with International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Option C
  • Financial forecasting tools

EnergyScoreCards strives to be a one-stop shop for managing energy and water usage at your properties. Our service continues to grow and add new features, and we are eager to hear any requests or suggestions that you may have. History

EnergyScoreCards grew out of the extensive energy benchmarking, auditing and consulting experience of Bright Power, Inc., an energy consulting firm based in New York. Since 2004, Bright Power has been honing in-house energy analysis tools that provide its consultants with information about a property’s energy performance in order to target inefficiencies and estimate realistic savings from efficiency measures. Bright Power founder and president Jeff Perlman saw that these tools could be built into a simple, centralized platform, putting the process of energy management directly into the hands of building owners and managers, lenders and government agencies to facilitate energy management. With the additional functions of utility data aggregation, project management and portfolio analysis, EnergyScoreCards serves as a central destination for those managing energy on a portfolio scale.


Energy performance against similar buildings
Potential financial and energy savings
Financial impact of energy retrofits
Smart decisions about energy purchasing and retrofits
Prioritization of energy improvements
Financing of energy retrofits
Quantity and longevity of energy savings
Communication within property & asset management organization