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EnergyAi analyzes historic energy use data from your meters.


EnergyAi™ is a very low cost service which mines interval energy data in a completely new way. It identifies recurring patterns and anomalies in a facility's usage history to answer these and other questions. The EnergyAi™ Load Analysis report presents the results as actionable information.

EnergyAi™ analyzes historic energy use data from your meters. And not just electric utility meters - any system which stores hourly or subhourly energy or demand readings can provide the data. Natural gas, steam, and chilled water use can also be analyzed.

EnergyAi™ is not a real-time application, so no direct connection to your meters or energy management system is needed. The only input is a file with 6 to 13 months of meter data. EnergyAi™ identifies usage patterns and anomalies, and reports its findings in concise actionable information.

How it works

  1. Download your meter data file.

  2. Login to EnergyAi™ and follow the on-line instructions for transmitting the meter data.

  3. Your Load Analysis report will be emailed to you in 1-3 business days.

Sample Report


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