En.lighten Country Lighting Assessments (CLAs)

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"A large scale shift to efficient lighting is one of the most effective and economically advantageous means to combat climate change. In order to demonstrate the potential opportunities in terms of CO2 emissions reduction and financial economies to be realized by countries that adopt efficient lighting schemes, en.lighten is developing Country Lighting Assessments (CLAs).

Country Lighting Assessments will analyze lighting markets in some 150 countries to identify key information for decision-makers and stakeholders such as:

  • Estimation of the energy, CO2 emissions and financial savings per country associated with a transition from inefficient to efficient lighting technologies
  • Estimation of the financial costs needed for each country and globally to make a transition to efficient lighting
  • Overview of the status quo regarding lighting related policies, standards and other relevant initiatives (efficient lighting programs) in each country
  • In addition it is expected that the CLAs will serve to generate a global dialogue around national, regional and global actions to promote efficient lighting and reduce global CO2 emissions.

Findings from the Country Lighting Assessments will be released at an event held during the UNFCCC COP-16 in Cancun, Mexico, in December 2010. CLA results will be available online subsequently on this website. Please check here for updates on the Country Lighting Assessments and the COP-16 event in Cancun."


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