Eltron Research and Development

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Eltron Research and Development, located in Boulder, Colorado, provides technical solutions and feasibility studies to companies for emerging new technologies.[1] Eltron Research and Development helps in the following areas:

  • "Energy and Fuels - Clean and sustainable energy, novel biofuels synthesis, fuel reforming, gasification, sequestration
  • Catalysis - Design, synthesis, evaluation and scale-up of heterogeneous and homogeneous, supported and unsupported materials
  • Advanced Materials - Polymers, multifunctional composites, ceramics, novel paints and coatings, chemical energy storage systems, materials molding, nanotubes
  • Chemicals & Chemical Processing - Ambient and high temperature chemical processes, electrochemical methodologies
  • The Environment - Green water treatment technology, contaminant remediation, sensor technology platforms"[1]

Eltron Research and Development was chosen as one of 8 companies to receive a small business innovation grant by the "U.S. Deparment of Energy. They received $150,000 for developing a process that reduces the energy needed to produces paper.[2]


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