Electromagnetic Soundings At Dixie Valley Geothermal Area (Mallan, Et Al., 2001)

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Exploration Activity: Electromagnetic Soundings At Dixie Valley Geothermal Area (Mallan, Et Al., 2001)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Dixie Valley Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Electromagnetic Soundings
Activity Date 1998 - 1998
Usefulness could be useful with more improvements
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
This downhole survey was conducted to help characterize the geothermal reservoir by employing electromagnetic induction logging. The goal was to discern subsurface features that are useful in geothermal production mapping such as large scale and small scale producing fractures in and around geothermal wells. The overall goal of this effort was to provide experience and insight toward future geothermal development and geophysical borehole technologies.
Borehole logging and surface-to-borehole electromagnetic induction measurements were made using the Multi Array Induction Logging System (MAIL) and the Vertical Electro Magnetic Profiling System (VEMP). The MAIL and VEMP are both elongated capsules that house multiple EM sensors designed to be lowered into a borehole and withstand high temperatures and pressures. During the study the two systems provided comprehensive imaging of the resistivity structures surrounding the boreholes they were lowered into. However, the data collection did not meet expectations due to equipment failures and problems from blockages within one of the boreholes. Interpretations were made based on 1D, 2D, and 3D models created from the data. This activity was part of a program set fourth to study the use of electromagnetic induction logging for mapping geothermal reservoirs. The companies involved in this cooperative effort were Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Geothermal Energy Research and Development CO., Ltd.


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