Electromagnetic Sounding Of Geothermal Zones

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Journal Article: Electromagnetic Sounding Of Geothermal Zones

Electromagnetic (EM) data provide a substantial contribution to the geophysical mapping and monitoring of geothermal reservoirs. This paper presents an up-to-date picture of the achievements of EM methods for geothermal exploration as they have emerged over the last few years. It has been proved that EM sounding of geothermal zones and distant monitoring macro-parameters of the reservoirs, fluid-filled faults and other elements of the geothermal system are possible provided that modern 3-D inversion is used along with techniques that reduce the effects of industrial and geological noise. In addition, geological and petrophysical data also need to be included in the analysis.

Viacheslav Spichak and Adele Manzella

Published Journal 
Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2009



Viacheslav Spichak,Adele Manzella. 2009. Electromagnetic Sounding Of Geothermal Zones. Journal of Applied Geophysics. (!) .