Egypt-World Bank Climate Projects

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World Bank Active Climate Projects in Egypt

  1. Egypt Vehicle Scrapping and Recycling Program (8.32M) Carbon Offset, Pipeline
  3. Egypt - Wind Power Development Project(70M) IBRD/IDA
  4. Pollution Abatement Project(35M) IBRD/IDA
  5. ONYX solid Waste Alexandria - Carbon, Carbon Offset

Egypt Vehicle Scrapping and Recycling Program

"The Egypt Vehicle Scrapping and Recycling Program will establish a mechanism through which owners of taxis, microbuses, trailer trucks and buses may voluntarily surrender their vehicles for managed scrapping and recycling, in exchange for financial incentives that may be used towards the purchase of new vehicles from participating vehicle dealers, under a closely monitored process. Carbon finance plays a critical role in ensuring the sustainability of the Egypt Vehicle Scrapping and Recycling Program by ensuring that the program's social and environmental objectives are met. Specifically, the Clean Development Mechanism will support: 1) monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions reductions associated with the program, which otherwise would not be undertaken; 2) an advance payment derived from carbon finance that shall be used towards the site preparation for the development of a recycling facility. At present, scrapped vehicles are only set aside for storage. As space is limited and prolonged storage could pose environmental hazards, this is only short term solution. With carbon finance support and the program's Framework Environment and Social Assessment (FESA), a recycling facility will ensure that scrapped vehicles neither take up land that could be used for other purposes, nor pose unnecessary environmental hazards; and 3) pending a short-term funding shortfall, the subsidy that the Ministry of Finance uses to encourage vehicle owners to surrender their old vehicles for managed scrapping and recycling."


Egypt - Wind Power Development Project

"The development objective of the Wind Power Development Project is to develop infrastructure and business models for scaling-up wind power in Egypt. There are three components to the project. Component A: transmission infrastructure. This component involves several sub-components that together contribute to the full transmission infrastructure development and brings together financing from International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)/ Clean Technology Fund (CTF), European donors led by European Investment Bank, but including Agence Francaise de Developpment (AfD)/Neighborhood Investment Funds (NIF) and Kreditanstalt flir Wiederaufbau (kfW)/NIF. Component B - technical assistance to support the expansion of Egypt's wind generation program. Component C- Gulf of Suez 250 MW Build, Own, Operate (BOO) project: this component will involve development and construction of a 250 MW wind farm in Gulf of Suez by a private sector operator under a BOO approach."

Pollution Abatement Project

"The Pollution Abatement Project's broad objective is to assist the government of Egypt (GOE) in reducing industrial pollution causing adverse health effects and/or ecological degradation. Its specific objectives are to strengthen the monitoring and enforcement capabilities of the environmental institutions and establish technical and financial mechanisms for supporting pollution abatement investments in Greater Cairo, Alexandria, and the Suez Canal cities of Suez and Ismailia. The project will consist of two main components: 1) a technical and institutional support component which includes: (a) strengthening of the capacity of the Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency (EEAA) branches and Governorates' Environment Management Units (EMUs); (b) development of Pollution Abatement Action Plans (PAAPs); (c) support for Environmental Audit Programs; and (d) promotion of awareness and Media Education Programs; and 2) a pollution abatement investment component."

ONYX solid Waste Alexandria


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