Ecuador-Quito City Climate Change Action Plan

From Open Energy Information


In the last 100 years, Quito has experienced an average temperature increase of 1.2°C to 1.4°C. The change in the city’s climate patterns affects ecosystems, infrastructure, water availability, human health, security and hydroelectric generation, both directly and indirectly. Faced with these impacts, the Municipality of Quito designed the Quito Climate Change Strategy (EQCC), approved in October 2009. The strategy has four components:

  • Generating and managing information
  • Using clean technologies and deploying best practice for adaptation and mitigation
  • Education, communication and citizen participation

Institution-building and capacity-building. In 2010, the new municipal administration began developing an action plan to take forward the EQCC, and engaged ECOGESTIÓN, a consulting firm, for the task. By mid-2010, discussions around CDKN support for the EQCC were well underway with the Secretariat of Environment and the Mayor and Vice-Mayor’s offices. In November 2010, the Mayor declared the Municipality’s interest in receiving CDKN support and committed to giving the climate change agenda top priority in the District.


  1.  "CDKN-Ecuador-Quito City Climate Change Action Plan"