Earth Tidal Analysis At Raft River Geothermal Area (1982)

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Exploration Activity: Earth Tidal Analysis At Raft River Geothermal Area (1982)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Raft River Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Earth Tidal Analysis
Activity Date 1982
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
To estimate subsurface fracture orientation based on an analysis of solid earth tidal strains.
A new practical method has been developed. The tidal strain fracture orientation technique is a passive method which has no depth limitation. The orientation of either natural or hydraulically stimulated fractures can be measured using either new or old static observation wells. Estimates for total compressibility and areal interconnected porosity can also be developed for reservoirs with matrix permeability using a combination of tidal and barometric strain analysis. The tidal method has been successfully demonstrated at the naturally fractured Raft River geothermal field.

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