EPA-GHG Inventory Capacity Building

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"Developing greenhouse gas inventories is an important first step to managing emissions. U.S. EPA's approach for building capacity to develop GHG inventories is based on the following lessons learned from working alongside developing country experts:

  • Technical expertise for GHG inventories already exists in developing countries.
  • Nevertheless, developing country climate change teams face other significant challenges:
  • Small teams with multiple responsibilities and limited resources;
  • Incomplete or non-existent data;
  • Lack of country-specific emission factors;
  • Insufficient documentation of methods and data sources used in previous inventories; and
  • Difficulties retaining capacity and expertise developed during the preparation of the first National Communications.
  • Priorities should be determined by developing countries rather than donors."

Tools provided by EPA to address these issues related to GHG emission inventories include; National System Templates and targeted data collection strategies and software tools.


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