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What information is available on financing options for clean energy projects in my country?
It is important for developing countries to have access to information about the costs and financing options for clean energy projects in their country. The programs listed below provide resources for learning more about clean energy financing options, project costs and private sector presence in your country.

What clean energy companies are currently active in my country?

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What renewable energy and climate finance projects are currently going on in my country?
Featured Project Databases

UNEP-Risoe CDM/JI Pipeline Analysis and Database
The UNEP Risoe CDM/JI Pipleine Analysis and Database is a website that provides analysis results and lists of projects submitted to the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation Kyoto Protocol mechanisms of the carbon market. The website includes lists of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects organized by country and project type. The lists can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets. The website also includes a library of CDM guidebooks that can be downloaded as PDF files.
The UNFCCC/UNEP-Risoe CDM Bazaar is a platform for exchange of information on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project opportunities.

How can I better understand the costs associated with my project?
Featured Tools

RETFinance, developed at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is used to calculate cost of energy of renewable electricity generation technologies such as biomass, geothermal, solar, and wind.
RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software
RETScreen is a Microsoft Excel-based model for decision makers to evaluate clean power projects using renewable energy, cogeneration, district energy, heating and cooling technologies as well as energy efficiency projects. The software is intended for energy professionals involved in analyzing the financial viability of potential projects, and allows for analyzing energy production and/or savings, project costs, emission reductions, financing options and sensitivity/risk analysis. The software is available for free, includes extensive training materials, and is available in 35 languages. RETScreen provides access to global climate and equipment datasets.
Solar Advisor Model
The Solar Advisor Model (SAM) is a free model that runs on Windows or Mac computers and models grid-connected solar electric power systems, including photovoltaic and concentrating solar power systems. SAM can model parabolic trough, dish-Stirling, and power tower systems. The model combines a performance and economic model to predict system output and estimate project costs under different financing and incentive scenarios. SAM requires some knowledge of solar technologies and renewable energy project financing, installation and operation cost information, and weather data for the project location. Free weather data for SAM is available in the Internet for many locations around the world.

How can I find out what finance programs are currently available for my project?

Featured Finance Programs and Initiatives

CTI Private Financing Advisory Network
The Climate Technology Initiative, Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) provides technical assistance and coaching to clean energy project developers in developing and transition economies to assist with the preparation of project financing proposals which will meet the standards of the international financing community.
Climate Investment Funds - Country Investment Plans and Targeted Programs
The Climate Investment Funds website provides information on Country Investment Plans and Targeted Programs under the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) and Strategic Climate Fund (SCF).
Ex-Im Bank Environmental Export Financing
The Export-Import Bank of the United States provides a number of enhanced products and services for financing of environmental exports.
Finanzas Carbono (Carbon Finance)
The knowledge platform's main objective is to become a tool for decision making to strengthen the knowledge and skills of key actors in public and private sectors of Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in Carbon Markets (regulatory and voluntary).
Natural Resources Canada list of international funding and finance organizations for renewable energy
This Natural Resources Canada website provides a list of both public and private organizations that fund and finance renewable energy projects.
NREL's Renewable Energy Project Finance Website
OECD Financing Climate Change resources
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Africa: Carbon Finance Guide
The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership developed this guide as an introduction to finance of EERE projects in Africa for the private and public sector, banks and donor organizations.
UNDP-Climate Finance Options Platform
This Platform aims at providing comprehensive guidance on financial options available for climate action in developing countries.
UNEP-GEF Renewable Energy Project Financial Risk Management in Developing Countries
The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) partnered for this targeted research project to promote new risk management ideas for renewable energy projects in developing countries. The website provides a number of resources for RE risk management in developing countries.
UNEP Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative
The UNEP Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative seeks to provide financiers with the tools, support, and global network for conceiving and managing clean energy technology investments in a quickly evolving marketplace.
UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization's work in Investment and Technology Promotion provides a service module to address government and market failures to promote investment in developing and transition economies in order to alleviate these problems. The services are designed to address the specific needs of developing and transition countries according to their respective stage of industrial and technological development.
World Bank Renewable Energy Toolkit
The World Bank Renewable Energy Toolkit, or REToolKit, is a collection of downloadable documents and links to web resources designed to assist World Bank staff and their country counterparts in their efforts to improve the design and implementation of renewable energy projects. The information includes case studies, standards specifications, terms of reference, and project reports that may serve as useful references to renewable energy professionals around the world.

What role can microfinance play in local renewable energy development?

Featured Publications

Renewable Energy for Microenterprise Guide
This guide is targeted to the many types of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and microenterprise support organizations that are interested in improving the profitability of their members’ microenterprises through renewable energy (RE) technologies. In addition, RE suppliers and technical organizations can use this guide to strengthen efforts to incorporate microfinance institutions and practices into rural electrification programs.

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