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NEPA Document Collection for: EA-NV-030-05-08
EA at Salt Wells Geothermal Area for Geothermal/Exploration

Salt Wells Geothermal Plant Development Final EA for Geothermal/Exploration

Proposed Action

The proposed development at the Salt Wells lease area (Figure 2-1) calls for two 10- megawatt binary cycle geothermal power plants built at the same site. Each power plant would have similar geothermal facilities, but be constructed in two phases under different time schedules. Each plant would produce approximately 12 megawatts annually; however, an average of two megawatts per year would be consumed by operation of the power plant (production wells, air condenser motors, circulating pumps, etc.), resulting in a net production of 10 megawatts per plant. In association with the geothermal development, construction of a 230kV transmission line would be required.

Conditions of Approval

Stipulations: 1. Prior to issuance of the right-of-way grant for the 230 kV power line (Southern Transmission Line), Nevada Geothermal Specialists, LLC shall provide a complete plan of development to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as indicated in their right-of-way application submitted to the Carson City Field Office on January 18, 2005. Construction activities shall not be permitted until the right-of-way grant is issued. 2. Well drilling and road maintenance operations may begin immediately upon issuance of this Decision. 3. All eligible prehistoric resources will be avoided by this project. Three sites are within the APE: CrNV 03-228, CrNV 03-1278, and CrNV 03-6099. The following provisions are to ensure avoidance of these three sites: As the pipelines split around sites CrNV 03-1278 and CrNV 03-6099, the access roads will be required to be on the opposite side of the pipelines from the site locations. Consequently, the pipeline will be between the access roads and the sites; thereby precluding any vehicle traffic from inadvertently damaging these properties. 4. NGS/AMP Resources (Salt Wells), LLC shall provide funding not to exceed $5,000 for the construction of a historic marker/interpretive panel on the Salt Wells Geothermal project site as determined by BLM and the State Historic Preservation Office. 5. Effects to the setting of the Fort Churchill and Sand Springs Toll Road will also be mitigated through paint color for the power plant and pipelines (in consultation with BLM) and through wood poles and non-reflective wire for the transmission line.

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